Mike "Roscoe" Rousculp (Bass & Vocals) - Our great friend and band mate lost his battle with cancer in May of 2019.  He is sorely missed.  

Scott Langley (Drums & Vocals)

Mike Shoaf (Bass & Vocals)

We are incredibly fortunate to have Mike join the band in Roscoe's place.  He has quickly made his own mark on the group!

Meet the Band

An introduction to the current members of The Cyrkle

Don White (Lead Guitar & Vocals)

(L-R) Don Dannemann, Mike Losekamp

Pat McLoughlin (Guitar & Vocals)

The two original members of The Cyrkle, Don Dannemann and Mike Losekamp, are joined by Pat McLaughlin on lead vocals and rhythm guitar; Mike Shoaf on lead vocals and bass guitar; Don White on lead guitar and vocals; and Scott Langley on drums and vocals. The new additions are all veterans onstage, and each brings a unique and individual style to the show that is sure to delight the most diehard music fan.

Much to the delight of classic Rock n’ Roll fans, The Cyrkle is poised to emerge on the scene of classic music venues in the coming months and will bring all their talent to the stage in shows that are sure to breathe new life into old music and renewed interest in songs that have never lost their popularity.