04/06/17 - GREAT  NEWS!!!  We're excited to announce our partnership with Buddy Lee Attractions (Nashville, TN)!  as our national booking agency!  We're proud to become part of the Buddy Lee Attractions family.  Be sure to check out their list of great artists at www.buddyleeattractions.com

‚Äč01/22/17 - A new version of the our promotional video has been posted. 

01/01/17 - As promised, the new promotional video for The Cyrkle has been completed!  You can see it  HERE.  Happy New Year!

12/25/16 - Happy Holidays!  Work continues on the promotional video, we're getting close...

12/01/16 -
Received the first edits of all the audio & video from the 11/17 show!

- Had a great time with Don Dannemann in Columbus!  Everyone agreed to move forward, promotional photography completed.


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