Extraordinary  Band – Classic Hit Songs

Don Dannemann and Mike Losekamp, two original members of the 60’s pop music group The Cyrkle, best known for the hit songs Red Rubber Ball and Turn Down Day, have reunited, added a few new members, and are touring again.

Named The Cyrkle by John Lennon himself and managed by none other than Brian Epstein, they were The Beatles opening act on 18 tour dates including August 23, 1966 at Shea Stadium, and August 29, 1966, for The Beatles’ famous final concert at Candlestick Park.

In 1966, the band released two Billboard hit songs. “Red Rubber Ballwent gold, selling over one million copies.  The follow up single, “Turn Down Day” was a solid hit as well, becoming their second Top 20 song of the year.

Coupling extraordinary musical talent and classic hit songs, The Cyrkle promises to electrify fans today just as they did when they were the opening act for The Beatles!