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Don, In June 1966 I was a poor 13 year old listening to WLS in Chicago and heard something I instantly loved. I managed to beg to get the single at the little Rogers Park record store--and played it over and over. I conservatively estimate listening to the song in different formats at least 2000 times over the years. I could never categorize the sound. It wasn't pop. It wasn't folk. It wasn't rock. It wasn't until the 1990's I suddenly realized--you guys were the first Grunge group! Your distinct sound was 20 years ahead of its time! So here I am tonight again playing "Red Rubber Ball" and start wondering what ever happened to you guys. I knew you broke up shortly after your national success. It only took 5 minutes and here we are. How do you measure the joy that something you created 50 years ago has brought to one person--or a million people? Looking forward to your revival. Eliot.